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Participate in SNAP Employment & Training

What is SNAP E&T?

SNAP E&T is a program that helps SNAP participants like you gain the skills, training, or work experience needed to get a good job. The goal of the program is to help you reach your employment potential and become self-sufficient. Participants in our program are paired with someone who will encourage and guide them through to success.

Benefits of SNAP E&T

What could you achieve if cost was no longer an obstacle standing in the way of your getting the job you always wanted? Things like training, testing, and even uniforms cost money, and SNAP E&T can help. Not only that, but we pair you with a highly skilled Career Navigator who will stay with you throughout the journey to help make sure you are able to meet your goals. Your Career Navigator will help assess your dreams, abilities, and skillset to help you discover the right course to success.


There are three criteria for taking part in the program:
⋆ You receive SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps)
⋆ You are not receiving TANF (Families First) cash assistance
⋆ You are willing and able to work upon finishing the program

Free Services

⋆ Work Readiness Training to help you gain knowledge and skills to prepare you for work

⋆ Career Navigation to help you find the job that’s right for you and provide the support you need

⋆ Individual Assessment to help you set and achieve employment goals

⋆ Support Services to help pay for your training and job search

⋆ Access to services such as adult education and vocational training to prepare you for success